gris tormenta

Gris Tormenta es un taller editorial que imagina, edita y publica libros que reflexionan sobre la cultura y el pensamiento contemporáneo.

Más que descubrir nuevos autores, se proponen nuevas lecturas de textos existentes y nuevas discusiones sobre dudas inquietantes.

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About us

Gris Tormenta is a small publishing house that edits books that reflect on contemporary thought and contemporary culture. Our titles aim to deepen the reader's curiosity and seek a richer understanding of the current world. The philosophy of Gris Tormenta comes from a philosophy of reading, from the attention to what speaks to us, and from the pleasure of the imagination. Rather than discovering new authors, we propose new discussions around unsettling doubts, and new readings and perspectives of existing texts.

From Queretaro, in central Mexico, Gris Tormenta creates spaces to generate conversations with all Spanish-speaking readers. Each book is a discussion around an idea or a question posed by our editors. We are interested in finding the universal in the contemporary, and conveying it with a voice of our own. The editing process and the final look and feel of each book express a special taste for patience and attention to detail.

Our editorial collections:

Disertaciones: Series of anthologies around a theme discussed by a heterogeneous group of voices, or around a question that suggests a collective dissertation. These group thinking texts try to define a concept that eludes definition. The fragments are autonomous, but it’s in the collective writing where the strength of the discussion lies, and where the relevance of the idea for contemporary readers and writers can be found.

Editor: Series of first-person narrations that reveal the long and unexpected processes that exist before a book is opened by a reader. Memories and essays dedicated to the diverse publishing-related professions: creation, composition, translation and editing; criticism, rhetoric and literary philosophy. Rare findings and original stories about the great ideas that occur in the backstage of literature, and a curious exploration of the book industry in the world.